Thursday, June 30, 2005

Crabby Cat

The man (lowercase intentionally) is a lazy blogger... It has been almost 7 months since he had me sorted... and posted that fact of my torture.
Tonight he sits and chortles while he reads my Starcats profile... mmmm "Think that that little book will give you all the dope you need to understand this feline?"
Starcats: Astrology for Cats (And Owners) by Helen Hope

The Cancerian Cat: Catus Canceria
Herb: Tarragon
Stone: Pearl
Number: 2
Element: Water - Would like to be temple cat.
Celebrity cat: Disraeli - Florence Nightingale's cat

Sheesh like I like water? Must be something in in one of my decending signs...
More to follow in the blogs to come, that is if I can get the man behind the keyboard... flippin dirt racer nut... or maybe I can get L to do some blogging... when she gets back from vacation that is... mmmm Now where do you switch this thing off?

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