Monday, April 30, 2007

What other typo's are in the closet?

"In an apparent typing error, Public Enterprises Minister Alec Erwin told Parliament that bonuses of about R37m were paid out last year."
After reading this I am left wondering what other typing errors have been happening? Maybe Mbeki and the rest of parlament's 50% pay increase is also a typo and should be 5%? I doubt that though...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

New warning sign.

To comply with this Ethical Blogging madness I will now henceforth display this on my blog.

Thanks to Raging_Dave at Four Right Wing Wackos.

Two heroes from forgotten times

The past two weeks have been full of horror all over the world yet I found two examples of how things should be done. One was the act of selfless courage from a College professor and the second was the act of fierce determination from a 1944 beauty queen.

When one reads about the life of Professor Liviu Librescu of Virginia Tech and one of his motto's being that "he believed that problems can and should be solved and it is our duty to act in order to do that." One can understand why he barricaded the door to the lecture hall to prevent the madman from harming his students. A true hero.

The other was when I read of this "Venus Ramey, 82, confronted a man on her farm in south-central Kentucky last week after she saw her dog run into a storage building where thieves had previously made off with old farm equipment." This old lady resisted and actually captured the perpetrator! Her life story is as amazing as the professors but from a totally different background.
"With a relative who fought in the Revolutionary War, a Grandfather who was a Kentucky State Senator and a father who was a Kentucky State Representative in 1934, it seemed destined that Venus Ramey would develop a passion for public service within the United States political system. In fact, she began this interest at a young age as a page in the Kentucky House or Representatives." Another true hero.
The crux of the matter is that both of them had values that made them refuse to bow to evil. It is remarkable that these people, no matter their upbringing have the fortitude to do what they did, why is it that so many others refuse to shirk the responsibility to stand up when they see evil?
I for one have learned a valuable lesson from both these heroes, may I keep their example in my heart and act when the time comes.
I think because of these heroes we can all echo Professor Liviu son Joe's thoughts "I walked through the streets with my head held high because I have such a father,"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hacking a phisher!

Reactions: Dont go there!
I clicked on the link on the fake bank e-mail you keep sending me and where did I end up?
On a 404 error, so clearly you have already altered your Phishing site but hey... not every day you piss of one of the Elders Of The Net now is it! So nice one fucktards! Now I know who you are. Do not be surprised if a few rough gents come knocking at your door one morning between midnight and dawn... oh by the way they will have mates at your back door as well and maybe a sniper across the street.
More to follow as we sniff out the trail of these vermin.

Smelly phones and gassy cats...

What next!
I often visit the New Scientist Invention Blogs and find some of the stuff very interesting reading but some of those patent ideas are bordering on the insane. But I suppose there is somone out there crazy enough to want a smelly phone!
Somehow the thought conjures up the song from Friends, Smelly Cat sung by Phoebe Buffay played by Lisa Kudrow

Smelly Cat Medley
Three, four...

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
What are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat
It's not your fault

They won't take you to the vet
You're obviously not their favorite pet
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
It's not your fault

You may not be a bed of roses
You're not friend to those with noses
I'll miss you before we're done
Or the world will smell as one

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
What are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat
It's not your fault

(Phoebe) Oh are we done?

One, two, what's that smell?

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
What are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat
You're getting fat

I think that I'm gonna be sick
It's your ears, and nose and pick
Part of it, tempt me

One, two, what's that smell?

All the dogs in the neighborhood
Are saying this for your own good
What, you're fat, so you can't run
No fun, I bet, No fun

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
Porno makes you eat like that
I saw you in the shopping mall

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
It's not your fault,
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
It's not your fault
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
It's not your fault

We know what was in your food
They say it might affect your mood

You smell like something dead (3x)

One, two, what's that smell?

(Phoebe)Yeah, that's not the song

Mmmm what is that I smell?
Yep... our latest addition to our Tiger pride is Lilly (le Chat) has just added her bit to the Global Warming Effect, I have decided to cut back her milk (wich she loooves) because I read that it causes gassy cats aka smelly cats, just like the song!
She is not gonna like that at all! By the way she is the little feral that my daughter rescued by feeding her milk while still a few weeks old and gently coaxed to accept humans and become a purring furball. She looks a bit plumper now than when this picture was taken.
No matter how much the cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.
Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ethical Blogging

All the hoo ha about ethical blogging got me thinking why I blog;
Is it to please my neighbour?
Is it to piss off my boss?
Is it to impress my significant other? (Not that there is one at present.)
Is it to stroke my ego?
Is it to give a place for total strangers to come and type some comments?
Well folks, none of the above, I do it because it helps me sleep at night!
So I regard this whole ethics thing as a stupid exercise in my case, I will do as I please here because Blogger lets me and no one will tell me how to do it either. This here is mine and mine only, if no one reads it so what and if they do it is their indaba to process what they read... I do not pay for other peoples therapy! Grow up if you do not like what I say or just leave... don't let the door hit you on the way out!
Yes I sound angry, I am angry that people seem to have lost all vestiges of common sense these days, everyone gets offended at the drop of a hat/word/symbol/cartoon/description/(add a million other inane reasons here)/gesture but no one will think that you have choices these days. You have the choice to let something that you regard as offensive written on someone else's PRIVATE place get to you or to use the little cursor thingy to CLICK somewhere else. Eish bru! Chill!
With that done let me say that I enjoy perusing other blogs and may once in a while drop a comment but with this proviso... comments are a host's living room... and in a living room one acts like a civil guest. If not the kind host may evict you with whatever force necessary and often you will no longer be welcome to darken his portal ever again.
Like I said... common sense folks... it always works for me.
But let us ponder on the following quote... very fitting for the topic.
Non Judgment: In our world where it seems we are taught to judge everything all around and about us and we spend so much of our time doing just that, it might be wise to ask if we can judge anything. To judge anything with any degree of clarity and accuracy we would need all the information past, present and future and how it will affect all concerned to make a perfect judgment. Since no one has that skill, ability or information, you might agree, it may be unwise to judge. This idea may be hard to accept, but when you look back over your life and the judgments you made, ask yourself. How many of your judgments, when you made them, were you perfectly sure they were correct, would you want to change now with the benefit of 2020 hindsight? Since every judgment is only an opinion based on the limited information at hand, filtered through one's personal value system, it might be safe to assume no two people will judge anything exactly the same. Even concepts of right and wrong, good or bad, good or bad morals and ethics are only opinions, for what may be good in one case may be a disaster in another.
Sidney Madwed

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We still live here...

but the Man is so busy he just has no time to fix my blog!

Lagging blogging

Yeah I know I am lagging behind but blogging is playing second fiddle to Life As We Know It... (a Blog title in there somewhere!)
My previous blog mentioned a playlist that went down well at yesterday's MX race... and it brought us rain as well, fortunately it was not a Noachian Deluge and we could finish the races although we snipped about 8 minutes off each moto for the the last set of heats and then the heavens opened again... prize giving was a very intimate affair for those hardy souls that stayed for their share of the booty. We all squeezed into the clubhouse stoop and Anton's gazebo.
[Reserved for pics!]
As soon as our intrepid Chief Scorer Thea remembers I may post some pics... yours truly was too busy as COC to take much in the way of photos... although I do wish we had some of the Crash of Note, executed by Estefan, who had no clue where he was for a while! I never knew a human body could do such contortions and bounce like that without breaking bones... Those Angels need serious overtime pay.

Now I know today's quote has little to do with Motocross crashes but at least it has "crash" and "bumpy" in it... so maybe there is a connection? in any case I loved Northern Exposure... wish it was on TV again.
"Most of you have been where I am tonight. The crash site of unrequited love. You ask yourself, How did I get here? What was it about? Was it her smile? Was it the way she crossed her legs, the turn of her ankle, the poignant vulnerability of her slender wrists? What are these elusive and ephemeral things that ignite passion in the human heart? That's an age-old question. It's perfect food for thought on a bright midsummer's night."
Martin Sage and Sybil Adelman, Northern Exposure, The Bumpy Road to Love, 1991

Friday, April 13, 2007


means Tired in Da Arse... thanks Nissan... my butt is still sore after two days in this cars abominable seats! I am not putting it on my list of possible wheels to purchase...

Otherwise my trip to rectify the attack of the mutant rats on our cables was not too unpleasant.

The damage to the cable was around 70mm of gnawed cable, what rats do with pvc, mylar, aluminium and copper in their digestive tract beats me! Rough guess of the actual cost? Around R3000.00 for my time and travel expenses, dunno what it cost to have the cable re buried properly after our makeshift repair to get things online again...
The trip had a few plusses too, I was able to take a lot of pictures of some interesting and noteworthy buildings and monuments in Harrismith.

This building has been beautifully restored but alas the Town Hall needs serious attention, maybe I will do a article on its own about the scars on it's facade on a later date.

The monument to WWII soldiers is very striking and would also fit into an article of it's own.

So how was your Friday the 13th week?
Hopefully we will have good weather for tomorrows MX Regional, hope I can get some pictures taken but once again being COC will dictate...
As to my wish list on cars... give me a

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Limited or a

Shelby Mustang GT 500 ... now I must just try and justify renting one on my next trip!
"All American cars are basically Chevrolet's."
Herb Caen

Sunday, April 08, 2007

How about cutting back on the executive salaries SAA?


Cutting back on services and less attendants is not the way to go gentlemen...
Here is my suggestion;
1. Fire all the members of the board of directors and appoint proper ones at less inflated salaries.
2. Reduce all top management pay by 50% until the airline is in the black... those that do not like it can leave, no severance package and will not be replaced.
3. Cut perks as far too many top management use vehicles that do not fall in the "commuter" class.
4. Offer lower fares to boost flying.
5. Give all flying staff an incentive bonus if numbers pick up and complaints drop.
6. Apply sound business principles and stop riding on the back of the taxpayer.
If above does not work then sell the White Elephant!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bring it on...

with all the debate on bloggers getting scary threats in their comments all I can say is use the tools at hand and lock the blog's doors and windows for goodness sake! These retards get tired beating at a closed door and move on to the next open house to crash the comment party there.. However... I know some rough gents who frequent my favourite biker pub... they love re-educating moonbats... so feel free to threaten me... I will give you directions to the free consultation session... hell, I will even pay for the first drink!