Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ethical Blogging

All the hoo ha about ethical blogging got me thinking why I blog;
Is it to please my neighbour?
Is it to piss off my boss?
Is it to impress my significant other? (Not that there is one at present.)
Is it to stroke my ego?
Is it to give a place for total strangers to come and type some comments?
Well folks, none of the above, I do it because it helps me sleep at night!
So I regard this whole ethics thing as a stupid exercise in my case, I will do as I please here because Blogger lets me and no one will tell me how to do it either. This here is mine and mine only, if no one reads it so what and if they do it is their indaba to process what they read... I do not pay for other peoples therapy! Grow up if you do not like what I say or just leave... don't let the door hit you on the way out!
Yes I sound angry, I am angry that people seem to have lost all vestiges of common sense these days, everyone gets offended at the drop of a hat/word/symbol/cartoon/description/(add a million other inane reasons here)/gesture but no one will think that you have choices these days. You have the choice to let something that you regard as offensive written on someone else's PRIVATE place get to you or to use the little cursor thingy to CLICK somewhere else. Eish bru! Chill!
With that done let me say that I enjoy perusing other blogs and may once in a while drop a comment but with this proviso... comments are a host's living room... and in a living room one acts like a civil guest. If not the kind host may evict you with whatever force necessary and often you will no longer be welcome to darken his portal ever again.
Like I said... common sense folks... it always works for me.
But let us ponder on the following quote... very fitting for the topic.
Non Judgment: In our world where it seems we are taught to judge everything all around and about us and we spend so much of our time doing just that, it might be wise to ask if we can judge anything. To judge anything with any degree of clarity and accuracy we would need all the information past, present and future and how it will affect all concerned to make a perfect judgment. Since no one has that skill, ability or information, you might agree, it may be unwise to judge. This idea may be hard to accept, but when you look back over your life and the judgments you made, ask yourself. How many of your judgments, when you made them, were you perfectly sure they were correct, would you want to change now with the benefit of 2020 hindsight? Since every judgment is only an opinion based on the limited information at hand, filtered through one's personal value system, it might be safe to assume no two people will judge anything exactly the same. Even concepts of right and wrong, good or bad, good or bad morals and ethics are only opinions, for what may be good in one case may be a disaster in another.
Sidney Madwed

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