Monday, June 22, 2015

Boerewors mince Terrinne.


Terrine as described by Wiki: 

So onward with the recipe... 
1. Around 500g boerewors mince. 
2. Packet bacon bits. 
3. Packet of streaky bacon or more if you want. 
4. Diced onion to taste, I use about a cup. 
5. Diced sweet pepper, green, yellow, red, whatever is at hand. 
6. The crust slice from a loaf of brown bread, crumbed. 
7. One crushed clove of garlic. 
8. Garlic and herb seasoning, add later too taste. 
9. 2 lare eggs 
10. Fresh chopped coriander and basil, as much as you like. 
Preheat oven to 180C. 
Assemble ingredients as follows. Grease a pie pan (I used a 170x170cm cake pan) Line pie pan with streaky bacon by dangling half of each peace over the side, so you can fold it back over the filling. 

Add the rest of the ingredients and crack the eggs over the mix, use hour hands to thouroughly blend the ingredients. Start filling the bacon coverd pan with the filling, make sure to fill the corners. Fold the bacon over the filling in a basket weave pattern if you like. 
Pop the lot into the oven and bake for -+ 60 minutes till the top bacon turns crusty. Use a knife to cut portions, serve with a salad and bun in the company of your favourite person.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hate is a horse best left unsaddled.

I see a lot of people claiming to be christian (lower case for a reason) that seem to have unbridled hate for the situation they find themselves in the country. Yes crime is bad and it seems to be targeting farmers, but the murders in townships are not as newsworthy are they? As a Christian I cannot hate another person, no matter the colour of their skin. The simple reason being thatb God so loved the world that he sent his Son to die on a Cross for us all, who am I to hate another in the light of this amazing love? So I say to them "Hate is a horse best left unsaddled!" if you do get on it's back you will suffer more than you can imagine, hate breeds dark thoughts that cloud your judgement and make a person bitter, this bitterness will litterally kill you and steal all your joy. Leave that horse to mind it's own business, God himself will use it one day in Judgement... only he can saddle up the horse of righteous judgement, when we try it becomes hate. Maranatha!