Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Leat the brace begin...

actually it has begun and BMW and KTM are endorsing the Leat Brace by bringing out branded models of this South African developed neck brace for all motorcycle use as well as all other forms of motor racing.

I also want to congartulate Dr. Chris Leatt on his pioneering work in the developement of what I believe is an essential part of the overall safety kit required by any Motocross or Offroad rider. I hope that it becomes mandatory as soon as possible and I will be doing my bit to get it on the MSA list.

Hat Tip to the Kneeslider for pointing out this safety device.
"Racing Smarter Does Not Cost, It Pays!"

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I wish I was a Punk Rocker with a four song meme.

Theater of the Soul has a music meme that I thought was worth duplicating here as well, so here goes but before you check out my list you may first want to do a popkwiz and test your pop music knowlege...
Question 1/3 - from 24 January 2005:
'I'm A Believer (Monkees) and Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (Urge Overkill) were composed by whom?
Bob Dylan
Neil Diamond
Paul McCartney
Tim Harding
Answers in comments are acceptable:

Onward to the meme...
Four songs that you could listen to over and over:
Dream to me - Dario G
Proud Mary - CCR
Runaway - IIO, Nadia Ali
Accidentally in love - Counting Crows

Four songs that drive you up the friggin’ wall:
Do the funky chicken - Rufus Thomas
Popcorn - Crazy Frog (The original by Hot Butter is acceptable.)
The rain, the park and other things - The Cowsills
Gansta's paradise - Coolio

Four songs that you’re embarrassed (or should be)
to admit you like:
The numa numa song/SMS/Dragosteadin tei/Mayahoo or a hunderd other versions. But I like the original by O-Zone.
Bum num - Mabel.
Hooked on a feeling - Bay City Rollers.
Lucky - Britney Spears.

Four best driving songs:
Motorbiking - Chris Spedding
Alive - Celine Dion
Tears of pearls - Savage Garden
Sultans of swing - Dire Straits

Four songs that make you cry:
Wir sind wir - Paul van Dyk
A river for him - Linda Ronstad
My lovers gone - Dido
A tear in the open - DJ Tiesto, Kirsty Hawkeshaw on vocals

Four best risqué songs:
Take off your clothes - Peter Sarsted
The only thing that looks good on me is you - Bryan Adams
Lay your body down on me - Poison
Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls

Four best kid songs:
Do, re, me - Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music
Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul and Mary
Heigh-Ho - From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Hakuna Matata - from The Lion King

Four songs (hell, pick your own category and fill
it in) - With Angelic Voices:
Love is more - Ceoma & The Larx
Close to the edge - Solex
Deliver me - Sarah Briteman
Wonderful life - Tina Cousins (cover version of the hit by Black)

Four Songs That Make Me Smile
18 till I die - Bryan Adams
Queen of hearts - Juice Newton
All about the money - Meja
I wish I was a punk rocker - Sadi Thom (She sings about many songs I remember.)

and then I want to add two more of my own...
Four Songs that make you wanna dance:
Get the party started - Pink
Paint it black - Rolling Stones (although I prefer Vanessa Carlton's cover version.)
I turn to you - Melanie C or Mel C former Spice Girl.
Summertime Blues - Eddie Chochran

Four Fighting Songs (aka heavy metal/rock): (it's a male thing.)
Feur Frei - Rammstein
Planet Hell - Nightwish
Israel's Son - Silverchair
Tourniquet - Evanescence

I could actually carry on till the cows come home adding more catagories but before I bore you all to death I will
sign off with my latest favourite from Sandi Thom - I wish I was a Punk Rocker and yeah... I was still a teen in '69!
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In '77 and '69 revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

When the head of state didn't play guitar
Not everybody drove a car
When music really mattered and when radio was king
When accountants didn't have control
And the media couldn't buy your soul
And computers were still scary and we didn't know everything


When pop stars still remained a myth
And ignorance could still be bliss
And when god saved the queen she turned a whiter shade of pale
My mom and dad were in their teens
And anarchy was still a dream
And the only way to stay in touch was a letter in the mail


When record shops were still on top
And vinyl was all that they stocked
And the super info highway was still drifting out in space
Kids were wearing hand me downs
And playing games meant kick arounds
And footballers still had long hair and dirt across their face


I was born too late into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
"From the persistence of noise comes the insistence of rage.
From the emergence of tone comes the divergence of thought.
From the enlightenment of music comes the wisdom of... silence."
Visions of Gregorian Chants

Monday, November 20, 2006

Debbie does Borat

Once again Debbie Schlussel shows her distaste for jewish sucess and when someone shows her that she is not being truthfull she goes all FULL CAPS...
I'm not sure if all of those are from people, but if they are at least of them are not true. Last I heard, the B&B people were quoted as thinking that "Borat" was a nice fellow, just confused, and that they harbored no hard feelings. Also, the antique shop owner WAS paid back in full, although the movie implied otherwise. (this stuff was in a article I can dig up if you like)

Way to go doll... or is it jealousy makes you nasty? The funniest part is that she uses People Magazine as a source! Comeon Debby, don't be so lazy when researching a story, you shouold have used Mad Magazine woman! I love their Tom Cruise uptake on the site by the way...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Andreas’ Personal Flying Suit

Andeas Petzoldt has been tinkering with this rig for years by the sounds of things, I wish him luck in finding a test pilot! As Lore Sjöberg mentions on his blog;

"Of course, it's hard not to imagine the test flight. With great ebullience, Andreas soars into the heavens. He sneers at gravity with contempt, a spurned mistress, a whore who embraces all but him. But suddenly he hears a horrifying choke and shudder and a sickening vertigo creeping up from his genitalia and into his bowels as he plummets back down to the ground, strapped to over 200 pounds of highly-explosive rocket fuel and whirring metal blades."

I am slightly more optimistic after visiting the site promoting Andreas's passion project and it would be amazing to have such a machine.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Meet NKD... the new girl group from Sunny SA

Nicky, Kesha and Dierdré, two girls from the Free State and one from Pretoria... and they can sing! Sugababes your days are numbered!
Nicky (middle) was in the same school as my daughter and we followed her acension through the Idols series and she almost made it all the way too! The other two were also on the same Idols series and they decided to form a group because they got along so well...
Good luck girls, enjoy the fun!

FDA goes to Jackie Selebi...

and his connections to crime via his friendship with arrested murder suspect Glen Agliotti, who has bee suspected of shady dealings in the past. He should resign...
"I've never denied my relationship with Glenn. Never. It has never been a secret," Selebi told Johannesburg's The Star daily on Friday. "I don't know of his alleged criminality. He did not tell me about it."
Yeah right...
It is time that all the rotten wood be cut out of the SAPS, starting with the top as far as I am concerned.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Worth reading.

I have found New Media Journal to be very informative as well as balanced... time to put them on my sidebar too...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gravity is working... IE is not...

I am having a wierd problem with IE... some url's I click on want to download as files instead of opening the website... and I am darned if I know how I fixed it last!
The other thing is how IE renders my blog... Firefox does it diffrently so wich one is using the correct standard? My money is on Firefox...

Update 28/11/2006
Fixed it by re-saving my blog template... sorta explained in comments in case this happens again.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The daft and the dangerous...

Two reports stand out today, one is daft and the other shows how dangerous it is to believe muslim extremists.
Both involve former singers that in the naivity of youth I quite liked.
Cat Stevens aka Jusuf Islam seems to be not as innocent as he claims in his dealings with extreme islam, the Jawa Report has it all as have many MSM sites. Seems like that tactic of lying to the infidel is still in full force.
Then we have the mad hatter of pop Elton John aka
Reginald Kenneth Dwight who has gone off his rocker by saying that all religions should be banned because they "turn hatred towards gay people"... yeah, wateva Sir Elton. I really believe that you have lost all your marbles now... I do not miss the fact that both these creatures recordings no longer gather dust in my collection.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


almost lost it there...

Man that was a good one...

This was earlier the day... later there was not room for a bike...

Some serious discussion...

We love standing, or was it dancing?

Catching the bonfire...

Even Comet the pup was pooped...

Saturday was our annual Guy Fawkes practice and braai... all I can say is I need a week to catch up with lost sleep... after playing "Time to say goodbye" by Sarah Briteman I managed to get away at around 2AM Sunday morning... and the guys who were going to sleep over were still awake around the fire... I wonder if they ever slept!
The main thing is that after the weeks good rain and Anton's efforts with the tractor the riders all had an awesome practice... and then had an awesome party... I forgot what I played or how many, will try to ressurect the playlist and add it here sometime... meantime I have to get to bed to face Monday!

When huge is not enough...

To describe this ship. The LAURA MAERSK is the largest container ship afloat.
Quite impressive specs and with the latest technologies probably one of the most environmentally friendly... but the greens still disagree. Why not do a virtual tour and find out for yourself, I for one am impressed.