Sunday, November 19, 2006

Andreas’ Personal Flying Suit

Andeas Petzoldt has been tinkering with this rig for years by the sounds of things, I wish him luck in finding a test pilot! As Lore Sjöberg mentions on his blog;

"Of course, it's hard not to imagine the test flight. With great ebullience, Andreas soars into the heavens. He sneers at gravity with contempt, a spurned mistress, a whore who embraces all but him. But suddenly he hears a horrifying choke and shudder and a sickening vertigo creeping up from his genitalia and into his bowels as he plummets back down to the ground, strapped to over 200 pounds of highly-explosive rocket fuel and whirring metal blades."

I am slightly more optimistic after visiting the site promoting Andreas's passion project and it would be amazing to have such a machine.

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