Sunday, November 12, 2006

The daft and the dangerous...

Two reports stand out today, one is daft and the other shows how dangerous it is to believe muslim extremists.
Both involve former singers that in the naivity of youth I quite liked.
Cat Stevens aka Jusuf Islam seems to be not as innocent as he claims in his dealings with extreme islam, the Jawa Report has it all as have many MSM sites. Seems like that tactic of lying to the infidel is still in full force.
Then we have the mad hatter of pop Elton John aka
Reginald Kenneth Dwight who has gone off his rocker by saying that all religions should be banned because they "turn hatred towards gay people"... yeah, wateva Sir Elton. I really believe that you have lost all your marbles now... I do not miss the fact that both these creatures recordings no longer gather dust in my collection.

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