Sunday, April 08, 2007

How about cutting back on the executive salaries SAA?


Cutting back on services and less attendants is not the way to go gentlemen...
Here is my suggestion;
1. Fire all the members of the board of directors and appoint proper ones at less inflated salaries.
2. Reduce all top management pay by 50% until the airline is in the black... those that do not like it can leave, no severance package and will not be replaced.
3. Cut perks as far too many top management use vehicles that do not fall in the "commuter" class.
4. Offer lower fares to boost flying.
5. Give all flying staff an incentive bonus if numbers pick up and complaints drop.
6. Apply sound business principles and stop riding on the back of the taxpayer.
If above does not work then sell the White Elephant!

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