Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shame on you Vodacom!

This is SPAM in my book... oh and by the way the frikkenMeercat sucks... and I am not alone.
"Though conventional wisdom has it that spamming is illegal, Leon Perlman, chairperson of the Wireless Applications Service Provider Association (Waspa), says current legislation is weak concerning the issue. "The legislation doesn't define spam clearly. It only refers to unsolicited commercial communications," Perlman says.
According to section 45 of the ECT Act, anyone who sends unsolicited commercial communications to consumers must provide the consumer with the option to cancel his/her subscription to the mailing list.
(pretty plain and clear meaning to me.) The sender must also disclose the source from which they obtained the consumer's personal information if requested by the consumer."

What is not clear? Unsolicited is unsolicited i.e. SPAM you dunces! And then to have the temerity to charge the customer to unsubscribe from something they did not ask for is CRIMINAL!
If MTN does that too me they will be in court the next day. So far they have not gone down the slippery slope that Vodacom has.

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Forzavryheid said...


Vodafone in the UK is just as skelm.

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