Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Factor in the change

Life is about change... sometimes good, sometimes bad. It is how we handle that change that makes us winners or losers.
I was over on AD's blog and read that he and Babs had ended their relationship but are still friends, a change handled with respect and love so it seems.
Quite a few of my other blog roll friends have changed as well, some like Scully moved their blogs to invitation only, some shutting down everything, others like KatieB moving to a new town and a new career, from Moondancer and myself we wish you and B all the best, you will always have a place to stay and a place in our hearts.
Change can also be handled with communication... something I have to sharpen up on again and blogging was one of the ways I could articulate my thoughts and sort out the things that were bugging me, not that much is bugging me at present... but I think I need to start practicing again... As Autumn leaves bodes the onset of winter I will probably have more time as very cold days are not always pleasant to go riding on a bike, time and conditions will tell. I usually start suffering from bikelessness within 24 hours! I do have thermal wear...

Once again my music matches the subject by echoing the theme in the words from;
Anastacia - Seasons Change (Concert Vid)

[via FoxyTunes / Anastacia]

Cradle the weight of your life
You can survive
What lies before you
It's only a matter of time
Before the night
Turns into day
Oh, it should feel incredible, whoa..
To know you're not alone, uh
Just look in my eyes (just look in my eyes) whoa.. just look in my eyes

I said..
Happy turns to sad
Sometimes life gets bad
Things get rearranged
Nothing stays the same
It just never ends
Here we go again
One thing
Still remains, uh
Seasons seasons change

C'mon yeah seasons change
C'mon yeah seasons change
C'mon yeah seasons change

Are you scared of today?
Running away
I can see through you
It feels like an eternal haze
But it's only a faze
It's all in your mind
Oh, when you feel invisible, uh
Just know you're not alone
(c'mon, c'mon)
Just look in my eyes
(look in my eyes, huh, look in my eyes)
Just look in my eyes
Just look in my eyes


You can feel the air start to change
When you're walkin' out in the rain
And the colors inside your brain start fading
Til the winter is washed away
And nothing really feels the same
When sunlight's in your eyes
You feel alive

What I really want..
What I really want..
What I really want..
What I really want..
I said, yeah, yeah, yeah!



C'mon, c'mon yeah seasons change
C'mon, c'mon yeah seasons change

So as I go to get my warm top ponder this...
"There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter."
Billy Connolly

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