Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Shrek

Shrek the KLR650 that is... today is the anniversary of me saying, "The Green one is mine!" and signing on the dotted line...
So around 11AM MD popped around to my office and we took a coffee break... then we decided to take Shrek for a Birthday Ride to Hoopstad to visit friends of MD's.
First thing was to but on the tankbag and pop the warm gear in the topbox and fetch MD... when I arrived she was already ATGATTed.

Did not take any pics on the way but what we did next made up for that, here we are about to go Offroad in a diffrent way!

The combine is a factory on wheels, with all the latest data gathering electronics, here we are being shown how much yield the particular stretch of maize is giving, this information is then used with soil samples to determine next seasons nutrient dose.

The business end...

First of two loads we saw ofloaded in the run across the field...

Taking a break before the next run... yeah... parts of the dirt road to the farm looked like this field track... but we beat the Sand Monster.

Off into the sunset goes the Monster...

Then we saw the momma of all tractors!

Showing MD the controls and GPS assisted computer guidance system... similar to that on a cruise missile... but being used to literaly guide the plough... all the operator has to do is drive it to a particular field, do the first row, set the system and wait for it to finish the back row to turn it around again. All this with a 10mm precision. The newer ones do the turning around as well I hear... who needs a driver!

Shrek patiently waiting for us to finish guzzling coffee, tart and flapjacks! Typical Free State Platteland hospitality!

And by the time we got to Bultfontein it was getting dark... arrived back home just after seven after a wonderful ride and visit. Nice way to celebrate 12 months with Shrek!
Wow... what an amazing twelve months this has been, not without it's sorrows but nothing unsurmountable, just like when you hid a rough spot while riding you apply some power, the same way when life had rough spots we were able to draw on God's power and make it to the other side... it would have been a much less rewarding trip without His guiding hand I believe.
"For believe me: the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and greatest enjoyment is - to live dangerously."
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

This is my WD label... for all my future bike blogs.

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