Friday, June 15, 2012

Falkland furore


The recent rhetoric from the Argentine president clearly ignores one fact... the Islanders are not Argentinians by a long chalk. 
Having visited Argentina I can also say that they are singularly obsessed with the Islands for a whole host of reasons but what we must never take out of the picture is the fact that the sea bed surrounding the Islands has a valuable commodity... OIL.
When Oil comes into the picture many countries loose their common sense and this is what is happening to the Argentine political Junta.
The Falklands will never become the Malvinas without an inordinate amount of violence I fear.
I love Argentina and the people but would be the first to say... Leave the Falklands alone! You may well remember these words from the last time... we all know how that ended.
"The British won't fight." General Leopoldo Galtieri 10/04/1982

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