Friday, February 22, 2013

Is the sun going to sleep?

The video:

  • Composer: Tuomas Holopainen
  • Lyrics by: Tuomas Holopainen
"Sleeping Sun"
The sun is sleeping quietly
Once upon a century
Wistful oceans calm and red
Ardent caresses laid to rest

For my dreams I hold my life
For wishes I behold my night
The truth at the end of time
Losing faith makes a crime

I wish for this night-time
to last for a lifetime
The darkness around me
Shores of a solar sea
Oh how I wish to go down with the sun
With you

Sorrow has a human heart
From my god it will depart
I'd sail before a thousand moons
Never finding where to go

Two hundred twenty-two days of light
Will be desired by a night
A moment for the poet's play
Until there's nothing left to say

I wish for this night-time...

I wish for this night-time...

The science:

The pictures show very few sunspots for what should be the most active part of the sunspot cycle, many scientists now believe that this is cooling our planet due to lower levels of radiaton from the sun.

We should not let politicians jump to conclusions...

"As a species, we human beings have become so blind with conceit and self-love that we genuinely believe that the fate of the planet is in our hands — when the reality is that everything, or almost everything, depends on the behavior and caprice of the gigantic thermonuclear fireball around which we revolve." 

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