Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Love is more... than a full moon.


Ceoma Feat. The Larx - Full Moon

[via FoxyTunes / Ceoma]

I adore you for every single thing that you are

there is something I can't hide

the feeling for you

There's a full moon above and the stars are alight
and I hope that you know that...

Your love is my home
But I'm only one
One of so many hearts undone
No love isn't cold
Love is an anchor
Holding you down..
When lonely..
When lonely..

Love is only a word
The meaning on earth
Isn't the truth of all you feel
And Love will revive
If love dies inside you
Just let it find you.. ooh..

Love is more than just a memory..
Love is more than just a song..
I give heaven up if I have it here

Love is more..
Love is more..

Love is more..

Love is far from alone
And closer than near
Love is the truth that knows no fear
And Love is alive
It's stirring inside you
Just let it find you...
I could not find all the lyrics to Full Moon the video song but the ones I caught sort of lead into the second song from Ceoma and complete the idea that I had when I heard the songs in my collection while thinking about MD away catching ticks...
I know I am a few days early as well to be talking about a full moon but as we both share a love for that celestial object I thought it would be appropriate. I will never forget that Hunters Moon last year... when something wonderful happened... Wow... almost a year it has been! What a year it has been as well!
"Moonlight Lady, come along with me
Leave your dark city lights, its alright
'Cause the nights on me." Albert Hammond - Moonlight Lady 1975

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