Friday, August 01, 2008

How do you measure God?


Today's APOD reminded me how often we want to measure and quantify God, put Him in a box and label Him in our own way. The opposite is true, we have been measured and found wanting but his Love given in boundless measure, bigger than the universe we know, through the sacrifice of Jesus makes us worthy again.
That is why this picture of the moon being measured reminded me again of His love... and how infinitely powerless we are to measure it. All we can do is give thanks and embrace it in faith while at the same time giving an overflowing portion of that love to our neighbors... by this we will be measured by others.
"One look around us ought to show that all our arbitrary measures and bounds have been clamped on us by mankind." Author Unknown
PS... fixed my Blogoversary counter... another measurement that was not working properly, some people use month/day and others day/month... I prefer the latter but Blogger is the opposite... this resulted in the counter saying 34 days till Blogoverary when in fact it has come and gone again on the 7th of July!

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