Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have the sniffles... but not in such a degree to stay in bed or see the doc... hope it wears out soon.
This made me laugh though!

"The patient went to his doctor because he had flu, and the doctor wrote out a prescription for him in his usual illegible writing. The patient put it in his pocket, but forgot to get the tablets from the pharmacy. Every morning, for two years, he showed it to the conductor as a railroad pass. Twice, it got him into the movies, once into the soccer stadium, and once into the symphony. He got a raise at work by showing it as a note from his boss. One day he mislaid it. His daughter picked it up, played it on the piano and won a scholarship to the conservatory of music". found it at 24Health

Having two cats making a ruckus in the early hours of the morning does not help either. Misha is on a mission to see how may times she can incarcerate herself in the shower, first she jumps on the towel rail over the bath, dislodging all the towels I might add... this is just what Myoo likes... towels in the bath to pee on! So when I did wake up this morning not only did I have to shush them up but I had to toss wet pee towels out in the laundry room outside! But they are still adorable.

Misha doing her high wire act...

The other pic is MD's kitty Liefie trying out Shrek's seat...
They make a handsome pair!

She got her name because she is the most gentle cat I have ever encountered, hardly ever uses her claws when she plays... until a bird shows up... then the sleeping tiger awakes and no one dare try and get the hapless bird away, not if you value your skin that is.
So let me get another shot of aspirin while I leave you with this...
“One of the minor pleasures in life is to be slightly ill.” Harold Nicholson

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