Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are you serious!

Wayne Minaar for idiot of the century!
You can’t pull the wool over the eyes of the Joburg metro cops.

Officers from the Joburg metro police department (JMPD) impounded a flock of seven sheep outside a Sandton business, and fined the business R2 000 for illegal trading.

The sheep were made of wire and beads, and were outside the Bang & Olufsen shop in Peter Place in Sandton to amuse staff and passersby.

They were decorations, argued the staff, but were met with what amounted to a “Bah”.

“They would have to pay a pound fee, to get them out of the pound,” said JMPD spokesman Wayne Minnaar."

The worst part is that Mr Minnaar is serious, please help here Dr Phil!
Shipo also needs re-tuning! "
“You can’t just put things outside for decoration… The goods probably were sold to the public,” said Sipho Dlepu, the head of by-law enforcement."
! Only in South Africa!
“To create man was a quaint and original idea, but to add the sheep was tautology”
Mark Twain 1835-1910

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