Friday, November 11, 2011

Kitty arrives spitting mad

This kitty arrived last night... Sometimes it is better to let a cornered cat I spent part of the night on the couch until Kitty decided to move under the bed!

I hope we can get Kitty re united with the owner/s. 
The cat is very traumatized it seems, wish they could tell us what happens and that they can understand that we mean no harm.
Kitty's name is Julie and she is back safe with her owner! Amazing to see how she transformed from Devil Cat to Angel Cat when her momma spoke to her. She had been raised by hand from day 2 so her human momma is her momma! I love happy endings!

"Often the cats who need the most affection are the ones that are the most difficult to love and scratch you when you're trying to pet them."

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