Friday, July 08, 2005

Stiff upper lip, wot!

To the Brits in London, keep yer chin up, sympathies to the families that have had loved ones torn away or injured.
I just had to say something after hearing about the bombs, albiet a tad late... I have been out trackside quite a bit and must say that it looks awesome, I just hope the people appreciate what G has put into the effort.
Soyonara while I get my part done for tomorrows action.
"Nothing you do, however many of us you kill will stop that life. Where freedom is strong and people can live in harmony, whatever you do, however many you kill, you will fail." London mayor Ken Livingstone 07/07/2005


Star said...

Thanks, even late its appreciated!

Star From Bristol,England

RobC said...

Bristol and Florida by the souds of things, quite a subject you have tackled on your blog I see. Oh by the way, welcome to the Blogosphere.