Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Contentedly saving my content...

with spammers and other miscreants creeps out to deface and delete websites I have been wondering how to save my blog content to my PC. Blogger has one way but I found that using my trusty html editor Araneae I could save all the basic posts to one file. This does not save all the pictures though but seeing as I have 99% on disc already this is not a big issue. One can always Save Picture As any ones that you do not have on disc.
I was quite chuffed with my quick and dirty backup when I tried it... the only caveat is to set the amount of posts to more than you have posted, this is done in Settings/Formatting/Show, in your blog settings. Remember to make a note of this setting (usually 10) before attempting this then save the settings.

Then view the blog, in File you should see Edit With Araneae, oh before I forget... you will first have to download and install Araneae before doing this... I suppose if you have another HTML editor set up you could do the same. Araneae is very simple and I find it easier than most and better than Notepad for HTML. Back to the howto... load the blog in the editor and when it is done you can Save As to anywhere you like on your PC... easy huh?
Green = Blog Settings.
Black = Windows command Buttons or shortcuts.
"The first rule to tinkering is to save all the parts." Paul Erlich
Note to self... label yer postings asap and make a sidebar insert...

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