Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday Twit

I think this is a new catagory... henceforth I will expose a twit on a weekly basis. Before I do let me just make it clear that I am probably a twit in some other twits eye as well so before posting your twittering protest... think... take a deep breath... count to 20... yeah so maybe it is not such a good idea after all? Another by the bye...
THIS IS MY BLOG! :-) FIFO! as Adrian would say. :-)
Got a few ad hominems in my comments, wich I moderate for this and other personal reasons, from this charming character called "
imdougandirule" at his blog abode called "The World According To Me". Then I Googled his blog and noticed the sad fact that he has less comments than little old moderateding me...
Personally I do not care a rats gonads what he thinks of my views... they are mine and if you do not like what I say... find another sandbox... there are plenty out there on the internet. If you seriously think I am going to publish the type of filth you posted in my comments Mr imdougandirule you need a good therapist... may I reccomend mine?

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Anna said...

Therapy might be a good start! :)

Nice place you have here, by the way, RobC!

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