Sunday, May 06, 2007

What's for dinner Dad?

I get that a lot! and now I have a solution! Just go here:

To my mind one of the best recipe sites on the web, easy to navigate and most of all no registration needed to view the recipes!

Now all I have to say is "Go and find us a recipe and WE will knock it together".
I wish other questions we parents get asked in life were this easy to answer.


Donna said...

This is a wonderful blog!!! Just skipping through it, I'm going to get serious with some of these recipes!! Have a happy day Rob!!

RobC said...

Glad you like it Donna, it needs updating though... I have a few new recipes to publish.

Faery said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Robc, and for telling my English is good (i am studying hard )i vistited your blogs and they are awesome I love animals ,the blog "Myoo" with the cats is soooo beautiful. and the other blog "one reality" is very interesting .... say something I'm not quite clear about the name of this country,it could be the Banana republic of Cubazuela, the fact is that I can't find sugar, milk, egg, chiken,and sooo many other items in the supermarket, it is frustrating, 'cause I have just begun my food blog.Well I'd better stop talking about that. Thanks Robc I will sure visit your blogs