Thursday, November 05, 2009

Prototyping a screen deflector for the KLR - Part 1

After seeing what was on the market and what I had in the junkbox I decided to Pooratech an extended screen for my KLR, and this was the result so far. Call it some backyard R&D if you will. Post needs some editing and body but this was to get the pictures up in a link for the other Wild Dogs that may be interested..

Shaping and cutting the perspex to resemble something decent.

Side View of the perspex showing the curves...

Figureing out...

Pre fitting then on to the mounting with aluminum brackets...

Mounted for test ride

Not bad at all!

Quite chuffed at the results so far...

After all the effort I am quite happy with the result, it does need some more refining though.
I think it needs to be higher up and have more support from the rear, that will be in the next update.
Material used so far has been;
1 sheet of perspex (must measure it still)
Strip of 12mm Aluminum Angle cut as needed.
Strip of 25mm flat aluminum cut as needed
8 x 10mm 3mm SS button Allen head screws
6 x 20mm 3mm SS pan head screws (could not get SS Button heads that size)
6 x 3mm heat sink washers
14 x 3mm Nylock Nuts
Strips of neoprene rubber for scratch protection
Strips of 6mm sealing rubber for cushion between support and screen.

To be Updated/Added/Edited at a later stage...

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