Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wake up to the sleeping sun

This is a picture of Sol (25 Nov. 2009), our closest star in sleepy mode showing no sunspots at all. This is unusual because according to the past records the sun should have arisen from it's slumber of 11 yearly sunspot cycles. At the same time the earth and other planets in the Solar System have shown a downward trend in surface temperature, something that did not match the information from the Global Warming proponents. Then all hell broke loose this week when the Internet was abuzz with the leaked data from Hadley CRU which seems to support what many skeptics have been saying all along. The Hockey Stick was a lie!
Al Gore is a charlatan together with all the scientists that climbed on the gravy train this farce created.
Now scientists in New Zealand have gotten hold of their GW Experts data and cannot find the upward curve he shows in his graphs... I wonder why?
Science is supposed to be pure and unsullied by politics, financial gain and seeking prestige, it seems when it comes to Climate Science just the opposite is true, fudging of facts to meet an agenda, lies and false representation are just the tip of the Iceberg it seems.
What the good science does show is that Earth is warming in general since the last Ice Age but having a bunch of scientists misleading us with bad science has not helped the credibility of scientists in general. It is time science woke up and tossed the junk scientists out together with their political partners in crime.
"No one should approach the temple of science with the soul of a money changer." ~Thomas Browne

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