Monday, November 01, 2010

Hazed Horizons

Driving home my eye caught the huge smoke haze and I took some Cell pics... found out later it was a huge veld fire at Barkley West near Kimberley!

"VLAMTONG: Hoog stu die vlamme in Kamp Agt van nuwelingboere buite Barkly-Wes waar veldbrande verwoesting gesaai het." Foto: Emile Hendricks
Will add more when I find out more about the blaze.

at the N1 robot
Then I found a safe spot to take these 3 before the sun set.

Must have been one heck of a fire to produce such a smoke cloud...
Quite impressed with this Nokia too... nifty camera!
"A small spark neglected has often kindled a mighty conflagration". Quintus Curtius

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