Thursday, November 04, 2010

This is not made up...

Shivhambu is my candidate for Dumbass of the Year if you ask me... You just cannot make up stuff as funny as this report!

ANCYL wants to close Twitter:

Johannesburg - The ANC Youth League would call for the closure of Twitter if the social network administrators did nothing to stop its president Julius Malema's impersonators, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

"We will look at ways of stopping this... Even if it means going to the police," Floyd Shivhambu said.
Floyd... Floyd... my dear fellow... how on earth can the SAPD do this when they still have not come to take the fingerprints off the crime scene of the break in at the house that I sold three years ago already!

A search of Malema on twitter reveals 12 users including Julius_Malema, JMalema, Julius_S_Malema and jujumalema.

Of the 12 users, six bear the picture of the firebrand youth leader.

"@jacobzuma welcome home comrade! Thanks for letting me run the country without you for a few weeks. It was sharp, sharp!," read a status update written by Julius_Malema on August 30.

Another status update by JMalema read: "hola comrades! I am make some few speeks in SA! Viva ANC! PS. who is Barack Obama!?"
Man that made me laugh a lot...

Shivhambu said that the league had attempted several times to block the "fake Twitter" accounts, but no action was taken by network administrators.
No? Well then Floyd you clearly have no idea how Social Networks work do you?

"Those who are hacking systems and impersonating the ANC YL leadership should immediately stop doing so because the laws of this country will come (down) very hard on them," said Shivhambu.
What laws in particular... these political nincompoops are wont to claim protection from non existent legislation... but when they do transgress real laws they claim the laws do not apply to them as "disadvantaged youth"... and opening a twitter account is NOT HACKING you twit!

He said that Malema did not own a Twitter account.
Maybe if these Twits had Twitter accounts there would be less Twitterring about this nest of Clones... or is that Clowns?
Oh... and Floyd... no one owns a Twitter account... It's free..

"You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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