Sunday, December 30, 2007

By the seat of our pants

The route... Hoggies to Seymour via Mitchell's pass...
The mountain with a heart... just for US!
The pass goes down there.....
Getting ready to mount up for the next stop... one of many for various reasons as well!
Now where did the road go, this looks like the Roof of Africa!
A short while later on a really bad patch we got to test our ATTGAT gear... after getting out from under the bike, dusting ourselves off and checking that all parts both on us and the bike worked we decided to roll the bike over a bad patch...
A noob off roader... seasoned off roaders would have hurtled down here flat out... it did get better later on as I got the hang of gunning it through obstacles... I have more confidence in my gear after dropping Shrek three times... or was it four! So a fall would not be too bad as I kept the speed pretty low, using lower gears to brake downhill and to scoot out of slippery bits. I am getting better at this dirt stuff but without the proper gear it would have been very painful.
Here one can see the busted clutch lever from the last "drop"... need to add that to my carry on spares next time.
and here is a KLR solution... use a tool as a spare part. (axle spanner lever) It works pretty well by the way.
a Much needed respite from a very hot and sweaty decent.
From here the road re-appeared and was quite fun to ride, we decided to return to Hoggies via Fort Beaufort and Alice. I was not up to facing more of this type of road for one day.
Of course we were very glad that we had Guardian Angels looking over us, we will be more carefull next time as I think they worked overtime this trip!
"Remember that nobody will ever get ahead of you as long as he is kicking you in the seat of the pants." Walter Winchell (1897 - 1972)

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