Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Eish... should I plunge in with the fishes?

I just noticed my promotion...
I'm a
Flippery Fish
in the
TTLB Ecosystem

It sure beats being a Slimy Mollusc... and to top it all Blogger wants me to test drive the new version of Blogger (in beta)... being more curious than a herd of cats and not one that is afraid to try out new things I may just do that this week... So... If you no longer see me I am away in the nether regions of Betavoid...

Update: 15h08
I am going to tweak the new layout by saving this one first then cut and paste it till it works properly.
The Beta has labels etc and some other nifty tricks I want to try so bear with me while I tinker under the hood...

By the way... Welcome to Groanin' Jock, he is new to the Blogosphere and has just started!

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