Sunday, October 14, 2007

Begging at the gate called Beautiful

I was a beggar at the gate called Beautiful,
I stood up and walked as you commanded,
I danced for joy and praised your name.
But what can I do for the beggar at the gate?

Money and silver I have not,
Gold and riches I am wont,
Yet I have a gift more precious than
Let my life now witness the gift of eternity.

May I be a channel for your Spirit,
May I be a light when there is dark,
May I be what you want of me.
Lest I forget the beggar at the gate called Beautiful.

[via FoxyTunes / Don Fransisco - Grace on Grace]

When God came and lived among us
We could see His glory shine
A glory like no one before Him
Nor will be through endless time
Far beyond the power of angels
Wholly God and wholly man
So full of grace and truth and mercy
With a Shepperd's gentle hand

Moses gave the Law to bind us
The prophets spoke just as they had heard
But Jesus came and lived among us
And we touched the Living Word
Seeing Jesus, we saw the Father
The Great Physician, the sinner's Friend
Loving all who would receive Him
And he loved us to the end

Virgin-born the Son of David
By jealous hatred was crucified
Oh, but the grave just could not hold Him
And He arose, no more to die
Rising sun of life unbounded
The light of all who ever see
And from His overflowing bounty
Grace on grace He gave to you and me

When Jesus came and lived among us
We could see His glory shine
When He ascended to the Father
He made the glory yours and mine
The promised power -- His Holy Spirit
Has come to make our hearts His home
To shine the righteous light of Jesus
Until He comes back to claim His own
'Til He comes back to claim His own
Today God touched me in a personal way, pastor's sermon was based on Acts 3, a chapter together with Acts 14, which I have been re reading ever since Wednesday when I was told I could start walking on my leg. Getting a message confirmed in this way is awesome. We are reminded that we are supposed to reach out in faith and touch peoples lives, not always the easiest thing to do... God will grant you the wisdom through his Spirit to be able to do and say the right thing when next you get to the beggar at the gate called Beautiful. (the opening poem is courtesy of my muse)
"Job 28:18 Coral and jasper are not worthy of mention; the price of wisdom is beyond rubies."

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