Saturday, July 08, 2006

'Patriotic hackers should shut down the site'


Pray tell why exactly someones freedom of speech on a legaly registered and paid for website that is stating true facts should be attacked by "Patriotic Hackers"? This reeks of incitement to perpetrate a crimminal offence as described in our communication law... (Google it yourself.) I hope it was not Nils Flaatten of Wesgro, the article was not clear here but just had this vague 'Patriotic hackers should shut down the site' quote... if it was he should know damn well better!
Rather we should be looking into the motivation of the site... and that is our uncontrolled crime... of wich my family has been a victim of in half a dozen instances... not one of the thugs have been apprehended to date nor has the SAPS ever gotten back to report progress in the cases...
We are still waiting 9 months later for the "Fingerprint squad" to come and dust for fingerprints on the garage door that had been wrenched open to gain acess! By this time I had to have the door repaired and strengthened to prevent another break in.
I say this site should be promoted far and wide to put pressure on goverment to do their job as proscribed in our glorious Constitution...
I for one back the site 100%, way to go Neil Watson!

Update: I have requested clarity on the quote from Reuters ZA on their website.

Regarding a news article I read on Iol the source was given as Reuters and the reporter was Karen Breytenbach.
I am interested to hear exactly who said the following as quoted in the report?
"Patriotic hackers should shut down the site."
The reason being that this is an inflamatory statement and incitement to commit an offence... something I do not think Reuters would be a party to.
I hope to hear from you soon in this regard.

Thanks (me)

I may be surprised by Reuters or maybe not...

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