Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So much fuss over yellow

How the Yell can YelloWikis be confused with Yell.Com... actually I am confused that Yell.Com is not wonder why?

I hope YelloWikis does not back down because I think this is just rediculous and another example of a greedy corporate grabbing all remotely related domain names for themselves...
I for one do not think that YelloWiki has anything at all to do with the yellow pages... by the way who in their right mind wants to use to search the internet with whgen we have Google and Clusty!
Now if would make an acceptable offer for the domain and help YelloWikis with transferring their service to another domain, that would be acceptable and show that they have some respect for other Netizens.
Oh and another thing... a commercial company should not have a .org domain either... Double shame on and their megalomaniac executives.

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