Friday, July 07, 2006

What country 2010?

My view... someone did not have the flag handy when they laid it out... the colours are incorrect for one.
The Red must always be antecedant... here it is laid out in the obverse... I hope it is not a forecast on the event in less than 3 and a half years time..

Update: 11/07/2006.
I was wrong! Here is the correct way to display the flag... thanks SicParvis...

National flag
When the flag is displayed vertically against a wall, the red band should be to the left of the viewer with the hoist or the cord seam at the top. When it is displayed horizontally, the hoist should be to the left of the viewer and the red band at the top. When the flag is displayed next to or behind the speaker at a meeting, it must be placed to the speaker's right. When it is placed elsewhere in the meeting place, it should be to the right of the audience.

However as I mentioned, the colours used are wrong as well as other Vexillological errors

Textile colours:
Green - CKS 42 c Spectrum green
Black - CKS 401 c Blue black
White - CKS 701 c National flag white
Gold - CKS 724 c Gold yellow
Red - CKS 750 c Chilli red
Blue - CKS 762 c National flag blue
Approximate Pantone equivalents:
Green - 3415 c
Gold - 1235 c
Red - 179 c
Blue - reflex blue c
The colours used are not quite correct but that is probably because of the following!!
Treat your flag with respect;
The National Flag must at all times be treated with dignity and respect. In the Regulations Regarding the Flying of the National Flag, published just before the flag was adopted in 1994, the dos and don'ts are clearly spelled out. The flag must never:
Be allowed to touch the ground or floor.
Be used as a table cloth, or draped in front of a platform.
Be used to cover a statue, plaque corner stone etc. at unveiling or similar ceremonies.
Be used to start or finish any competition, race or similar event.
Be manufactured or used as underclothes, bath and floor mats or any similar demeaning application.
Be used for any commercial advertising in a manner that will distort or show disrespect to the flag.
I am sorry but to me this logo is still just wrong...


Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

I'm glad you visited my blog. I've already seen a few posts on your blog that interest me.

BTW Yes, I am related to the Conlons of Bloemfontein.

RobC said...

Damn small world then, I see them from time to time at MX meets.

SicParvis said...

Actually, you're wrong. SA's flag handling rules state than when hanging the flag vertically, the red stripe must be on the left, not the right. Therefore the 2010 logo is correct.