Sunday, February 18, 2007

Britney Shears and other Crazy Yanks

What with Britney doing a Sinead O'Connor makeover (I also wear my hair, what is left of it, as short as Sinead.) and the chaos in Congress makes me think there must be a reason for the madness and by Jove, Adrian gave me the answer! Over on
Danette's blog on her valentine posting... It is Chocolate! They are on a Chocolate High! Here is the evidence... (open the map in a new window to see the % clearly)

This is from Zchocolate's site... stunning choccies by the way but as you can see from the map totally overpriced for us Africans an Ozzies, or maybe it is because we have better local chocolate? For example...
Orpheon ZAR 1,253.27 (45 pcs) = R 27.85 per chocolate! For that price I can buy a crate of Beacon, Cadbury or Nestlé Choccies!
Now I need a Milky Bar!
Why a Milky bar and not a Cadbury... because Cadbury's site sucks, not everyone uses Flash you morons! and because Nothing Compares to a Milky Bar! Here is Sinead's song Nothing Compares to You:

It's been seven hours and fifteen days

Since you took your love away
I go out every night and sleep all day
Since you took your love away

Since u been gone I can do whatever I want
I can see whomever I choose

I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant
But nothing, I said nothing can take away these blues
'Cause nothing compares, nothing compares to you

It's been so lonely without you here
Like a bird without a song
Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling
Tell me baby where did I go wrong
I could put my arms around every boy I see
But they'd only remind me of you

I went to the doctor guess what he told me, guess what he told me
He said girl you better have fun, no matter what you do
But he's a fool, 'cause nothing compares, nothing compares to you

All the flowers that you planted mother, in the back yard
All died when you went away
I know that living with you baby was sometimes hard
But I'm willing to give it another try
'Cause nothing compares, nothing compares to you
Nothing compares, nothing compares to you
Nothing compares, nothing compares to you

"Nothing shocks me. I'm a scientist." Harrison Ford (1942 - ), as Indiana Jones

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