Saturday, February 24, 2007

See the yellow spot...

way up the mountain? That was one of the Marshall points on the route for the Rouxville 200 off road race.

Being MSA Steward afforded me more time to take pictures, here is the Bike Start at 09:30, 56 bikes entered

Kenny screwing his eyes shut from the glare of a scorching sun!
And this was the Quad Start at 13:30, 67 quad entries in all. Minus the one dude that had no racing kit!

Last quad home was at 17:25. To Sarel, Ria and all the other organizers and sponsors, job well done. The venue was 100% better than last year and the route was well marked as usual, technical but not dangerous, the average speed of both the leading Quad and Bike was well within the 60 Kph target. To all the Welkom riders... grow some! This is off road racing, not flat track or drags! Here one can see the dust trail of one of the quads negotiating the trail down the first leg.
And this was the same guy approaching the pit section... still going flat taps, balls to the wall!

A dedication Cross for Elmer Symonds was also present during the race and prizegiving, it will be at each of our regional events, thanks guys this is a wonderful memorial to a bloke that lived for the sport.
After the racing the dam became a good spot to relax and cool down in after a very hot and hectic days racing.
All in all a great event and I am looking foreward the the Mayaputi 200 next month... but as I will be scoring there will not be much time for picture taking.
"Dedication is not what others expect of you, it is what you can give to others." Unknown

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