Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuesday Twits or Am I poking the hornets nest?

I left the following on the Hamas webite...
Crusader South Africa
Exalted Above Nations
I agree with Urall, with the exception that present day palistinians are not related to the ancient Phillistines at all so they have no claim what so ever over Gaza.

Urall Dipshitz USA
Exalted Above Nations
I believe the Israel that should be recognized is the one that built the temple mount and temples long before the invention of a false historical Palestine on the West Banks. Its borders should be a combination of the ancient lands of Israel and Judah. You know, the ones that Allah gave to Israel according to the Koran. suras [ 17:103 & 5:21 ] with the City of David as its eternal capital. Palestinians should create their new country and live in their historical area of Phillistia or Gaza as it is now known today

abu yussif unoccupied palestine
and by the exact same logic, no one should worry if "israel" or the world doesn't recognize the palestinians. who needs it?

Al Aqsa sri lanka
well said.israel does not have borders and a constitution as the zionsits think they are some special choosen people who have the right to control entire middle east.

To Abu and Al Aqsa... you have no clue have you?

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