Thursday, February 08, 2007

The trees will be glad...

to hear that the print media is heading for extinction and so will I. Kate's blog about the gnashing of teeth over at the New York Times made add my comment thus;
The print media used to give out the news of the day with an editorial comment... then they started putting their view on each news item and that was when truth left journalism. From there it was a downward slide and the Internet was the edge of the precipice. I do not see a way back up for them, neither is it a big loss, unless you like wrapping your fish and chips in the paper.
Kate's comment "It's not a war, Mr. Sulzberger. It's a revolt." is probably the epitaph of modern newspapers as we know them. Personally I don't give a damn if they recover from this slump or not. History will show that the media failed their prime directive and paid the price...

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