Thursday, February 15, 2007

Important Need to Know Stuff

Some very important info on the ki4u site... take some time to get informed! Since the end of the Cold War Civil Defence has gone due to the complacency of many goverments;
"Instead, Homeland Security continues to be focused primarily on two missions:

1. Interdiction – stopping nuclear materials and terrorists at the border
2. COG – Continuity of Government for when No. 1 fails

The most important mission has been largely ignored:

3. Continuity of the Public – proven mass media Civil Defense training of the public that would make the survival difference for the vast majority of Americans affected by a nuclear event.

This tragic and deadly oversight won't change until the crippling myths of nuclear un-survivability are banished by the good news that a trained and prepared public can, and ultimately has to, save themselves."
Become prepared... no one else is going to be able to help you for at least two weeks!

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