Monday, November 12, 2007


I must have been four years old when my grandmother and great aunts got hold of me and taught me to read, they were all teachers and thought it would be an excellent idea to do so. It was great but in school I often got bored as I would grab my textbooks or prescribed books early in the year and read them all at breakneck speed.
As I grew older I voraciously consumed the contents of both the school and local library. But one book has got me coming back time and time again, it is my Mentor, my Bible.
Other people have had mentors in their lives, mine has been the Bible, sometimes neglected but always at my bedside, within reach when needed in the past and these days once again a regularly read book. I have always been able to find answers to problems in life in it's pages, pages that now bear witness to my life with tear stains, some torn pages as I looked for verses in haste and filled with underlined passages and notes to self. Each mark and line a moment in time when I was taught another lesson in the path to God. Another lesson in being the man He wants me to be. I think I could not have asked for a better mentor...
"Mentor: Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight."

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