Thursday, August 24, 2006

Birdflu bullshit...

I am getting more and more apprehensive about Birdflu... Not that I will contract the disease but that so many birds are dying in the process... not from the virus but us humans freaking out!
If only we would apply this same rule to humans that are infected with other deadly virii...
It makes no sense because the statistics just do not balance out... the total human toll from Birdflu is a paltry 130 and that out of a total 228 infections, 800 people die each day in South Africa from AIDS! But this makes us kill millions of birds! Frikken Rediculous!
How did we as humans survive previous outbreaks of contagous diseases? The strongest survived... our bodies developed antibodies!
I personally believe we need to be exposed to eventually survive as a species, if we keep on protecting ourselves from every possible pathogen we will be wiped out by a sneak attack...
Now I see on SABC TV that they want to cull a bird farm's total stock... "Just in case"... Bullshit I say!

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