Saturday, August 19, 2006

I love Sub Commanders... They don't have time for bullshit...

Words uttered by a president that would not surrender, before hearing the plans for the Doolittle Raid. (Pearl Harbour was on the telly today...)
What we need today is a Doolittle raid of some kind to cut the hordes at the gates down to size... To me it seems too many want to placate the enemy and rather be so called Politically Correct in the hopes that they will not target their patch of this planet... The Israelis tried but failed due to lack of a certain brand of fortitude on the part of many of their political and some military leaders... the grunts on the ground however wanted to do the job! Salute to them!
Sorry to bust your PC bubble folks but these people want Total Global Domination by hook or by crook... and they will use our laws against us... they will use our freedoms to murder us... until there is no law or freedom anymore!
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