Saturday, August 12, 2006

This is what a Rally car should look like...

This is Gugu Zulu's car after final controll at the Windmill Casino in Bloemfontein... his was the dirtiest car and one of the last finishers of 25 out of the field of 45 entries in this years Osram Rally!
The Subaru of Salie du Toit and Gert Janse van Rensburg, Number 68 was left in the veld as a burnt out hulk after pulling off with a flat... ingnoring rule 2 of rallying (Never pull off in long grass.) can be terminal! Fortunately the occupants were able to tell the tale of woe afterwards.
Dave Ledbitter one of the photgraphers from Motorpics had two narrow shaves as well, first narrowly missing the signboards at a T junction and then getting tattered and torn when he and a barbed wire fence were taken out by one of the competitors who had a brake pedal failure! His clothes looked like a tramp's after this... Here is Klaas Geswindt dashing off to find the next spot for photos... More on the fence episode and the rally at Rally Star. Picture from Motorpics site.
This is the winning Polo of Jan Habig and Douglas Judd. Scarcly dirty... I suppose being lead car has it's advantages!
I had the honour of being asked to assist on the Scrutineering team.
To Fred Vroomen and the other organisers I want to say job well done! It was great fun and I will be there to assist again next year! Hopefully I will be able to go out on the route as well as an observer.
I missed the Bloemfontein Air Show at Tempe Airfield though... but the Sasol Tigers made a pass at the final controll... although I did not get such a good picture... check the two L29's in close formation at the top of the picture.

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