Friday, June 29, 2007

The Ferarri of Sorbet

I forgot the Camera! Set out for Hout Bay in the morning but by 10h30 I had to head back as fast as possible as I had to visit the dentist in Somerset West, found the N2 and kept to 120 all the way... made it with 10 minutes to spare! After sitting in the dentists chair with the best view I have ever had from the seat of torture I once again set out to visit the shop of a hundred flavours in Hout Bay and return via Chapmans Peak drive.
The Marinello's in Hout Bay make the best Sorbet south of Sicily. Period! And the Beast is feeling like a Ferrari as the engine loosens up...
I look back at this day with quite a bit of nostalgia... remembering the times when we used to sneak away from camp to "test the car" and go over Chapmans Peak to buy that heavenly Lichi sorbet... I hope I get to see H just to see if things are working out ok for her here were she has decided to start a new chapter in her life... just as I have in mine.
Day 4 of 12 Days with Shrek

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