Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From Zero to Heroes

Sunrise over Somerset West... 08h30! decided to take some pictures while waiting for Chris to play taxi for me. I see why it is called The Helderberg...
The early ladybird catches the aphid...
The HQ of my support team while staying here in the Cape.
The recent snow still on the Hottentots Holland mountains and it is cold... 12h00 and I am on my way to the mall to find an Internet Cafe, lunch and some distraction while the bike gets prepped by Justin and his team in the workshop. More about these great guys later...
People amaze me lately, is my enthusiasm so infectious? Diane at Sunglass World gave me a bag for my glasses after I explained what I was looking for and doing here... I mean she GAVE it to me while I wanted to pay. Bless them. I hope I can retain this positive outlook back at after the holidays.
Graham Phoned at 13h40 to say the bike is ready... I go all sweaty palmed and clammy skinned, this is like the first time on the KB360... At 14h00 I climb on the bike, get my feet secure and start it... The sound of pure pleasure but I was shaking, first took it for a spin around the parking, fortunately not many cars that side. It was AWESOME... then I went to fill the tank for the first time. 20.5 litres later and I am on my way to find the workshop in Victoria Road, to thank them and get a feel of the bike.
Made a date for the first service at 1000k and decided to do Sir Lowreys pass and then come back... ended up in Caledon! 169 kilos later I was back at the shop, picked some more kit, thermal underwear amongst others. That first ride got a tad chilly on the way back.
Then I headed back to Spook and Erica's place and got lost in the dark! Erica gave me direction from the Thai Food Restaurant and I found their place from there... that put another 20 odd kilos on so I was not worried... then they invited me for supper, a fitting end to a wonderful day filled with wonderful people.

Day 2 of 12 Days with Shrek

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