Monday, June 25, 2007

Good to go, ready to do some crossing off...

Of things on my Wishlist, may add some later too! Just on 12 hours and I get on the plane to Cape Town International for the great KLR Adventure...

My list of things to do:
Bungeeeeee! - If I get time this trip
Buy me a CS650 Beemer - Bought a KLR650 instead!
Discover a Comet - Saw Comet McNaught, just as good as discovering one!
Do a skydiving course - maybe later...
Get a Dress Kilt, Clan Campbell
Kiss the Blarney Stone - See T2T

Pat a Great White on the snout - I may just do that this trip!
See a Snow Leopard in the wild - See T2T
Smell a Volcano - See T2T
Spend a day with a Silverback - See T2T
Taste the Dead Sea - See T2T
Walk the Via Dolorosa - See T2T
Witness a Supernova Done! Not what I expected but just as spectacular... read the blogs...

My list of Natural Wonders to visit:
Amazon river - See T2T
Ngorogoro - See T2T
White Sands - See T2T
Ayers Rock-Uluru
Witsand - Soon...

My list of Countries to visit:
Alaska - See T2T
Angola - 2008
Argentina - T2T
Canary Islands
Falkland Islands - See T2T
Guernsey - See T2T
Kamchatka Peninsula - T2T
Namibia - 2008
Patagonia - The great T2T adventure, being planned!
Scotland - See T2T
Tiera del Fiego - See T2T

My list of Stuctures to visit:
Ankor What - See T2T
Macchu Picchu - See T2T
Tajh Mahal - See T2T
The Pyramids - See T2T
Castle Stalker - See T2T

My list of Cities/Towns to visit:
Alice Springs
Buenos Aires - See T2T
Cooper Pedy
Edinburgh - See T2T
Monaco - See T2T
Nome - See T2T
St Petersburg - See T2T
Cape Town - On my way!
Windhoek - 2008

My list of absurdities:
Become President of SA or any other country for that matter! Me? a politician?
Build a car that will do 0 > 100 in 3 seconds flat using water as fuel...
Clone the Pope.
Design the smallest OS posssible that will kick MS's butt.
Live long enough to see my great, great, great grandkids.
Make a Dirty Harry sequel.
Play drums in a Rock Band.
Teleport to Mars.

Actually when one see's how many will be crossed off with this trip the T2T is looking more and more do-able.
I am going to document this trip and maybe get it published, if that works the Ops GOF trip would sell as well and that may just get the finances needed for T2T! Think BIG!
Just 12 hours to take off!
Wish me luck!
"Life changed after that jump...I'd suddenly stepped to the highest level of daring, a level above even that which airplane pilots could attain." Charles Lindbergh (1902 - 1974), describing his first skydive

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