Thursday, June 28, 2007

Four passes and a bay

Some pics so long...
My temporary plates... picture taken just in case they tear off in the breeze...
Seems like this happened the night before, as there were no rubber marks on the tar I suspect that this may have been a black frost vitim. There is a lot of snow on the peaks.
We came from down there... super twisties!
Breakfast in Franschoek.
That is what life is all about, a bike, a beautifull setting and good food.
Several hours later and in Gordons Bay harbour...
The Naval College emblem on the mountain above Gordons Bay.
The precursors of the front over Cape Point on the horizon.
Another KLR Promo Picture. The point in the backround is back towards Gordons Bay... this road is awesome!
Looking up the mountain... no baboons today, just crazy bikers...

Day 3 of 12 Days with Shrek

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