Wednesday, December 20, 2006

As we say here.. Jo jo, eish!

"Jojo Joseph of Edathua in the district was on Monday ordered to be beheaded for entering the holy place of Medina despite a bar on non-Muslims."
Now I wonder what the Swiss Guard would do if a muslim should happen to wander into the Vatican? Chop his head of with a battle axe? I don't think so!
It is time for this misogynistic religion to shape up or ship out and stop all the violent retribution for those that are not of similar persuasion.
Then and only then can we say they are a religion of peace...
One can hope can one not?

The "Jo jo, eish!" is referral to some of the quaint colloquialism's we have here in South Africa;
Jo jo = an expression of amazement.
"Jo, jo, that taxi almost sideswiped the bus!"
eish = an affirmation of any previous expression or used on it's own as well.
"Eish, we have many problems here"

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Forzavryheid said...


Muslims are the Nazis of the day:

They remind me of that movie MARS ATTACKS, where the aliens land and say:

"We come in peace"

and then procedd to shoot everything in sight!