Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Island Missing, presumed lost by faux reporter.

"For the first time, an inhabited island has disappeared beneath rising seas. Environment Editor Geoffrey Lean reports."
When I read this I said to myself this smells like Lutkefisk and I was right, this island in the Ganges is part of a the world's largest river delta which by it's very nature is a changing land form, just one good flood and it can be changed overnight, this fact I did not even have to look up as it is elementary geology and common sense.
Which brings me to the point, the Island "disappeared" more then 10 years ago as far as I could find out! As the picture of the delta shows there are thousands of islands, some new some old, it is the nature of a delta as the inhabitants of New Orleans also found out during Katrina... water will always find the path of least resistance and wash away the weakest part of the land. I also believe that the disappearance of this island was due to the local people abusing the mangrove forest which helps stabilise the silt the land id made of.

Now once again a reporter has been exposed for fake reporting. This of course makes me question all reports henceforth from this source. Geoffry has done himself and the world a disservice by faking news.
The Town Crank also had the same idea as I did and posted this comment on his blog;
"It seemed to me that there could possibly be another explanation than "rising seas" to explain the disappearance of Lohachara Island."
He also searched the Internet like I did and exposed this report as a lie within seconds.
I am not saying that man had no influence in the ecology of the region but to blame it on Global Warming and supposed rise in sea level is sheer insanity.


Richie said...

Hi Rob, boy how do you manage to manage so many blogs?

This global warming meme is being used to justify all sorts of crap.

There is a lot of bad science masquerading as informed opinion. Nowadays, if it it rains people blame it on global warming. If it's hot, global warming. If it's cold, global warming.

RobC said...

Richie, being a gemini helps I suppose. The big reason was because Blogger did not have labels/catagories, now it does but these little bastards have each attained a life of their own and to combine them would screw up the few trackbacks other people have made. So they LIVE! Scary hey? :-)