Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pulling a Peter on Christmas

I was over on Jana's blog when I realised that much of the "Christian" world is doing exactly what Peter did by disowning Jesus after the Crucifixion by changing the wording of this time of joy when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. I am not going to debate the other issues regarding whether this is the true date etc.
The issue is that we are afraid to stand up for our belief in the Savior Jesus by calling it "Winter Holiday's" and other watered down names.

People this is Merry Jesus-Christmas! We may not back down on this because if we want to truly spread the Gospel we have to do it in a forceful way not by timidly backing down when someone says we are infringing on their "rights" not to be exposed to the Gospel. I mean we are talking about His Majesty, Wondrous Saviour and Ruler of the Universe.
There is no other God in any case!
So what are we afraid of?
He gave us the RIGHT to celebrate His coming to the world to save us all from sin so let us celebrate this day and proclaim His sovereignty in our lives and be an example to the world so others may see the Light and the Truth and hunger for this joy we have.

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Forzavryheid said...

I couldnt agree with you more!

(Although I make sure to say MERRY CHRISTMAS in the hope that I DO offend someone. Its a CHRISTIAN holiday- so they can get over themselves).