Monday, December 18, 2006

Lutefisk... no, just smelly Panga

Brian Lundemark at Rockwood Comic must have smelled my fishy disaster!

Saw these really nice Pangas at Plick&Pray on Thursday, all nicely flecked ready for the pan and at a good price... (note to self. NEVER EVER buy fish during a heatwave.)
Bought a bag of frizzen potato wegies to keep said fish cool on the way home but alas I decided to do the fish on Friday, there was still enough left over chicken for toasted chicken mayo sarmies!
(less hassles to knock together see...)
Big mistake... friday morning comes and I catch a wiff of Lutefisk, just a wiff mind you, could it be the tub of 2 month old vanilla yogurt that the kids begged me to buy but only ate 1/3?
Friday lunch... the wiff is becoming potent Lutefisk but it must be the chicken carcasse I left for the ferals... out it goes and joins the yogurt in the bin outside...
Back from work and I need a cold one when WHAM... Lutefisk attack... I take out the Pangas and pass out...
Ten munutes later the Lutefisk aka Panga is with the yogurt and chicken carcasse... Sigh! Always remember to fry when you buy when it comes to Pangas!
Thank goodness they came and cleared the trash today, by Sunday the whole neighbourhood was smelling of Lutefisk!
PS... I just read all about Pangas at Wiki... and these fish can be queer! No wonder they went off like that!
"Well, we tried the lutefisk trick and the raccoons went away, but now we've got a family of Norwegians living under our house!"
The Ole and Lena joke books.

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