Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The thin Pork Line and Daar Ver in Darfur

JD is a mate of mine that still dons Cammo from time to time to do his bit, we have a Porcine problem of note in the Eastern Cape with an outbreak of Swine Fever, due to the fact that our Boys in Blue are conducting the war against crime they have asked the Army to stand in for them at the roadblocks that have been set up to enforce the Bacon Quarantine. Most roadblocks have a section of troopies, a Copper and a Vet/Dept. Agriculture representative to carry out searches of any vehicles that come from the affected province.
Hey... I am rambling... go read for yourself and see what the boys of John's Unit are up to.
On the subject of army and deployment... check out Capt. Werner's blog on his deployment in Darfur, a bit more exiting than checking for bacon smugglers. Not that stopping the bacon is less important...
Sorry John... we made real Swine of ourselves today ribbing you about the task at hand.

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